Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Is that a GHOST in the photo?

I was looking through my collection of
VINTAGE photos of people I don't know...
{Ya know, instant relatives...}
And came across this one:
It hasn't been altered, it's the real deal...
What is that little girl looking at?
A little creepy, huh?

I plan on giving it to my good friend Dawn,
she likes stuff like that...

One day, as I was setting up stuff in the new
store and what I thought was a vintage tablecloth, turned
out to be a one-armed linen gown with mystery 
{rust?} stains around the neck...

I couldn't keep it ~ it was really
creeping me out and I don't know why...
My good friend Dawn didn't mind and
was happy to take the "haunted gown" home...
{See photo above}

She's very intuitive and didn't get a 
creepy vibe from the haunted gown...LOL!

I have a Ouija board in one of the boxes at the store,
 but that doesn't give me the creepies like
the haunted gown and ghost photo...

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  1. Yep...that is creepy and since I believe we share this plain with those that haven't passed on, I would be even more creeped out...ha!

    Thanks for sharing. Would love to know what was captured in the pic.


  2. Ha! Instant relatives!?! You are so funny. Yes, I think that is a ghost. Wow!

  3. Yep, I think that is a ....spirit? So cool though, don't know why the one armed shirt would freak you out!! Good luck with the store, won't be long now!


  4. Yes, the little girl is looking at an apparition. Some children can see them, and she does. At first before I blew the picture up I thought she may have been looking at her sister/relative....but she isn't. Actually, they are all over the place! Our atmosphere is multi dimensional....they aren't way up in the sky, they are quite near! Spirits.

    Rust around the neck....probably from an old cheap necklace that stained the dress neckline.

    Ouija boards are not nice to have because if you play with them, your inviting bad spirits....good spirits don't play! If you decide to play with it....you will be more creeped out with that then the dress, so sell it or throw it out.

    If the unknown is frightening to you, you really don't want that to play with.

    Always trust your intuition...like you did with your dress, you picked up on something your friend didn't but she is very intuitive. We all have a gift, some of us just forgot how to use it!

  5. OMG! I'm laughing with layers of goosebumps! If it wasn't so late I'd wake up the hubs and let him see it. He is part of a "ghost club". NOT me though. I told him that I'd pee my pants if a spirit talked to me.

    At my age, I get enough wet pants!

  6. Ja, der er ingen tvivl hos mig, jeg ser en engel lignede skikkelse, og det gør den lille pige også kan man se, måske en afdød bedstemor? knus morkaren.

  7. This is so amazing! I am so jealous! She is definitely looking at the apparition, and I do believe that is what it is. He is actually walking and one foot is raised. I know you are going to think I am crazy, but I love cats and one of the outside cats I was feeding got run over and killed. She had 4 babies and I searched and searched and never could find them. They were only 5 weeks. I know her spirit was traumatized. I have a cat spirit that is literally attached to me, but I feel it at bedtime mostly. It kneads on my feet and ankles like cats do. Sometimes, I can even feel it jump on the bed. At first, it freaked me out, but I'm used to it. It even goes on trips with me. LOL I am not kidding!

  8. I'm with Sandy, Ouija board's are dangerous. They creep me out if I see one in the store. Many years ago when they were popular in England, all sorts of weird things were happening to the people who played with them. People possessed by evil were popping up all over and it was keeping the priests and ministers busy.

  9. Oh how wonderfully fun!! I have had sensitivities since childhood although didn't understand it til I was much older. I agree with Sandy on the planes of existence and feel that Heaven isn't really "up there" - its just a shift in the plane and can sometimes intermingle. I also agree with her on the Ouija Board - don't sell it - get rid of it - it bodes no good for anyone.

    Thank you for today's photo. It will definitely be used by me! :-)

  10. I see a woman with dark hair, and the name Eve or Eva, i get the feeling that it is a guardian angel to one of the children :)
    Love the photo!:)

  11. Haunted Gowns... Creepy Images... right up my alley... you know they'll be Curated and Cherished at Bohemian Valhalla... we're the Addams Family of the Far West Valley! *Winks*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  12. Had to come back to say that I showed my hubs + one of his "ghost club" members. They were excited when we blew up the photo really big using PSP. Like LightofRaven's comment they see a face too. They didn't identify it as a woman but they saw eyes, nose and lips above the "smokey" image. Also they said that the "smokey" part has value even when blown up.

    We're going to print a large image and hubs will take it to his next meeting.

    Thanks again for sharing this interesting image!

  13. she's looking at a man walking behind the family.It'S creepy BC I have twobaby girlsWho can stare at random thingss.

  14. What a great photo! Love it! Thanks for sharing.

  15. I like stuff like this too. lol Cool picture. :-)


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