Thursday, January 12, 2012

Free Digital Stamp - Vintage Pocket Watch

Free Vintage Digital Stamp

Antique pocket watch

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Prefect for handmade cards,
collage, altered art, or
digital scrapbook projects
or regular digi art...

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Got time?

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The above image has a transparent background.

Did you ever think that the watch
would become a thing of the past?

Do you still wear a watch?

I look at my cell phone
to see the current time...

Or my computer
when I'm at my desk.

I have maybe
3 or 4 watches,
but I wear them
as an accessory,
not so much to
see the current time...

Thanks again!
I'm so glad you stopped by!xo

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  1. Good morning pamela, love the watches they are fantastic, yes i do still wear a watch, although when the kids were little I just looked at the clock as the watch never got put on! I like the old fashioned face with the leather strap look. hugs heidi and thanks! xxx

  2. Its funny how our phones have become so important now, isnt it? I actually do wear a watch. My scrummy hubby bought me a beautiful watch as a wedding gift. I know its meant to be bad luck to buy your partner a watch.....but I ain't going anywhere, lol. This watch is gorgeous. Perfect for steampunk and vintage projects. Lee x

  3. Love the pocket watches! I would still wear a watch, except for my allergy to the nickel they put in to strength the other metals.

  4. Thanks for fabulous freebies! Pocket watches are so pretty.

  5. I guess we do rely more on our phones for time these days... But I still love my watch too! Thanks for these fab images Pamela!
    Hugs, Shannah

  6. Yep I wear a big wrist watch so I can keep track of the time when I am speaking and so I haven't gotten to attached to my cell phone yet but I am sure that will come LOL Thank you for the pocket watch digis, I love them hugs Cathy

  7. I try to wear a watch everyday( too many years being a nurse) and I love the old ones. Thank you very much. Stephanie

  8. I never take my watch off, thank goodness its waterproof :-)
    Thanks for the image xx


Thank-you for your comments! I am so flattered that you stopped by! xo

-pamela :)

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