Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Free Old Vintage Photos - Bicycles n' Things

Old Vintage Photos

Don't you just love 'em??!

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Perfect for Altered Art, Collage,
Mixed Media, Handmade Cards,
or DIY projects.


How long do you think this little girl
had to pose like this
while they took the photo?

This is cute!

Most people did not smile for photos long ago,
because it was considered rude...

Plus, try to keep a smile for
15-30 seconds...not very comfortable!

{Did you try it? LOL!}

I always wonder how did they
get little kids to stand still long
enough to take a photograph?

This vintage ad is pretty neat!

Can you imagine riding a
bicycle in a suit like these fellas?


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  1. What a position xD Your question is interesting, that can't be spontanius anyway. Thanks for the images!

  2. Pamela, I did it again :) This time my card says: "Get well soon!"
    I'm getting addicted to your blog :)


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