Monday, January 16, 2012

Free Vintage Photos - Circa 1900's

Vintage Photos

I never get tired of looking at old photos,
they tell so much about life in the past.

I just love history!!!

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Here's a nice photo of a family enjoying tea:

Here's another:

This group photo looks
about circa 1908 or 1909...
Here are some interesting facts
about life in the U.S. circa 1908:
  • There were about 8,000 cars in the U.S.
  • Ford Model-T cost $825 usd
  • There were no driver doors on the Model-T
  • About 8% of the population had telephones
  • Electric vacuum cleaners were introduced
  • By 1912, 16% of homes had electricity
  • About 14% of homes had a bath tub
  • The "parlor" became the "living room"
  • Kitchens had a sink, stove, and an icebox
  • Women washed their hair once a month
  • French Dip sandwiches are introduced
  • Children worked in factories, mines, and mills
  • Average wage was .22 cents per hour
  • About 95% of births took place at home
  • Theodore Roosevelt was president
  • There were only 46 states
I hope you enjoyed
those interesting U.S.
history tidbits.


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  1. Wow, what a wonderful source of information - I love this Pamela!! The photos are so precious as well.. thank you so much for sharing so much!

  2. Well i read the facts and the only thing that made me cringe is washing hair once a month.....i couldn't take it...thanks for sharing.

  3. Wonderful information and great photos! I especially love the BIG bow in the little girls hair in the first photo! Can you imagine a girl her age trying that these days? I don't think it would go over very well! So cute! :o)

  4. Beautiful photos, Pamela. I love the history lesson. Food for the mind and the soul. Thank you! :)

  5. Thank you for the plethora of amazing historical information. :) I do love French Dip! :D
    You sure put a lot of work into this blog and it shows. Love visiting....
    Lisa xx

  6. These photos are really fantastic, I love these. Lee xx

  7. Next time I hear my Mum complain that her pergola area is too small I'll show her the poor family squeezed in between walls LOL! Thanks so much for these amazing facts too - fascinating! Hugs, Shannah xox

  8. I love these old pictures. I have so many of vintage pictures of my ancestors. I should go through them and use them for cards. Thank you!!


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