Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Free Vintage Image - There Was a Little Girl...

Free Vintage Image Download

There was a little girl...

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They just don't make
them like this anymore...

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  1. Thank you! This one is terrific!

  2. I have never heard this version. Probvably a lot nicer than the version I grew up with

  3. This is GREAT!!! I've never heard this version either, but I feel horrid when I don't chew too ; ) !

  4. This is SOOO CUTE!!!!! Did it come from a MANNERS book? Makes me think of some childrens paper backs I got when in gradeschool through the little clubs.... "Goops & How Not To Be Them!" TOO FUNNY!!! Thanks Pamela (P.S. I still have them SOMEWHERE! ) :)

  5. Oh, Thank You!! My Grandmother used to quote that little verse to me all the time -- I had the curl on my forehead...and she said it was about Shirley Temple!! Lol!!

  6. i love this version, thank you x


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