Friday, October 12, 2012

Vintage Printable - Sweet Little Girl Photo

FREE Vintage Printable

I never get tired of these sweet
old photos of children...
{Click on jpg image to download/save...}
300 dpi printable

Perfect for ATC swaps, Collage,
Crfty, or Artsy projects...

Perfect for pinning onto Pinterest too!!!

Today, is the last day 
of my cruise vacation...
{tomorrow the ship returns to NYC}
Today's stop is in Newport, Rhode Island
and I can't wait to see the famous Newport Mansions!

Have you ever seen them in person?

I have read that you can only take exterior photos,
so no photos of the beautiful!!!

Thanks again for stopping by!!! ;)



  1. SWEET little girl!!!!!! All girls LOVE flowers! :)

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!!!!!!!!!!! :) WHAT FUN!!!! :)

  2. Thank you. This is an adorable image. Edwina Brown


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