Saturday, January 5, 2013

Vintage Printable - Typewriter Comparison

Vintage Printable

This one is pretty neat, it
compares the "old way" with the
"new way" by means of using a typewriter...
{Right-click on jpg image to download/save...}

You never know when it will 
come in handy...LOL!

Love the illustrations!

Next week Saturday, I will be
in Anaheim, California attending
the CHA Trade Show {Craft & Hobby}...

I'm actually leaving on Friday...
Driving out instead of flying to California.
It's about a 5-6 hour drive from Phoenix, AZ.

Since, travel is by car...then no need to
worry about HOW to pack all of
the catalogs and goodies into
my suitcase...LOL!

No waiting at the airport either!

I can't wait to share photos
with you...I end up taking
so many pictures!

I'm sure I'll spot Tim Holtz too!

Thank-you for stopping by!!!



  1. Oh my what fun you will have. I live close to Phoenix, so if you need a relief driver give me a call! LOL. Have fun and enjoy you time there. Have a safe trip. Suz

  2. Ooh...I'm so excited for you, Pamela! Have a fabulous time and I look forward to your sharing!
    Thanks for the image too! :o)

  3. TOO FUNNY!!!!!!! LOVE this old emphemera!!!!!!
    CAN'T WAIT to see your pictures!!!!!!!! :) WATCH OUT FOR THAT "stalker" Tim! ;)

  4. I wonder what they would think of 'typing without paper!' What? make corrections and then print!? Love it.

    Look forward to you CHA photos.


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