Saturday, March 2, 2013

Vintage Printable - Ephemera Ad

Wampole's Prep Ad Tonic Ink Blotter

The WHOLE World takes it...
I was  a little curious about what exactly is
this tonic and WHY should everyone be taking it...
Couldn't find any info, except what's in it:

The ingredients of the product 
are 12% alcohol and 1/80 grain per teaspoon 
of strychnine sulfate with cod liver oil extracts. 

I still like the image ~ they certainly had
a way with imaginative illustrations
long ago...great for ARTSY or
CRAFTY projects or 
collage art...

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  1. Thanks so much for this great image. It makes me laugh. I did find out that strychnine was used as a stimulant way back then. They even gave it to children!

  2. This is "Surrealism!" It's a cultural/literary movement that began in the late 1910 - early 1920's, that is known for it's visual artworks & automatic writing! (Had to look this one up myself!) BUT, I remember doing this type of artwork in school! :)It's FUN to create!!!!! :) THANKS FOR A FUN IMAGE PAMELA!!!!!!!! :)

  3. Well, they had me at "alcohol", but lost me at cod liver oil LOL!!! Love the colors of this one...THANKS!!

  4. Strychnine? Isn't that poison? Today it would probably say all natural too lol! Love the image.

  5. It's a wonder any of us exist! LOL Thanks for the cute ad. I love it!

  6. I was fine, enjoying this little ad...until I read "Pleas turn over." What?!?! Hahahaha!! Thanks for this cute piece3 of ephemera!


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