Friday, April 19, 2013

Found Treasures...

Last week, my friend Dawn & I decided
to visit the East Valley of Phoenix to
hunt for vintage treasures...

We stopped at a few thrift stores 
and found some treasures at
"thrifty" prices...of course, I
forgot to take photos...LOL!

We stopped in downtown Mesa to
visit some of the cute shops...
{Wall of channel letters at Design Lab store}

First stop was at Antique Plaza...

Dawn found this cushion thingy, but decided
not to get it {weird stain on it...hmmm?}

She was looking for a planter, but
this urn was a tad bigger than what 
she was looking for...

This antique computing 
scale is picture-worthy...pretty cool, huh?

Junk jars...♥

Lots of pretty hats...
{My head was too big to try any on...or
perhaps they had smaller heads long ago??}

We were on our way to a store called, 
Design Lab ~ but "found" this cute store
along the way...we were curious to go inside!

Love this altered old tin doll art piece...

Vintage books cut into letter shapes...♥

Vintage these!!!

My friend Dawn...

Sweet jewelry display...

Paper place cool are these??!

Never misplace your silverware again, 
display them as fridge magnets!!! LOL!

Vintage eye-candy...

I LOVE that old door
behind the nightstand...♥

It's quite rare to see old doors like this
anywhere in the Phoenix area...

They even have my bed ready for me so
I can sleep in their store...ha ha!

Pretty display...

Yup! That's me... ;)

Old brick walls...very rare in the Phoenix area...
{Sadly, Phoenix has demolished so many older
buildings over the years and did not preserve them...}

We wanted to hang out here all day...♥
Do you think they would mind?

Pretty displays...

I might need to re-style my house now...

So many pretty things...

Doesn't this store look so inviting?
Vintage with a modern industrial style.

Not only do they offer beautiful decor pieces, but
they also offer design services to help you 
with interior decorating too...♥
Friendly too...we'll visit FOUND again for certain!

Love these old doors and wood floors...

We looked like tourists taking 
so many photos...ha ha!
If you are ever in the Mesa area, be sure to
check out this fabulous store...

FOUND Design is located
166 West Main Street in Mesa, AZ...

They have a Facebook & Pinterest page too.

We went to Sweet Salvage today...
stay tuned for those photos!

Many thanks for stopping by!!! ♥



  1. DEjligt at komme med jer på rundtur i en sjælden butik, jeg elsker også at gå rundt og drømme om de gode gamle dage. knus morkaren.

  2. I love seeing these "tours." We don't have any stores at all like this around here, so it's fun to see the interesting and vintage displays. thank you!

  3. What a fun day, I have no idea why Dawn didn't get that urn??? LOL Miss you, how is the new store going?


  4. Note to Self: MUST get a Quality Camera like my Friend Pamela's! And Carol, you're right... that Urn would have been a great way to contain the G-Kid Force... well... Maybe...

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. Wowzer I love that bed!!! What a fantastic place I could live in there lol. Elizabeth xxx


  7. WHOOOOOOOO........waar is deze winkel?
    Daar moet ik ook winkelen! Prachtig......

    WHOOOOOOOO........where is this shop?
    I must also shop! Beautiful.....

    Beautiful photos!

    Greetings Joke


Thank-you for your comments! I am so flattered that you stopped by! xo

-pamela :)

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