Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Free Vintage Printable - Black and White Map

What a great old map for coloring!

Copics or water colors...

It's always interesting to see the interpretation 
of land and sea with old maps...

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  1. This is awesome, thanks very much! :0)

  2. WHAT AN INTERESTING MAP!!!!!!!!!! You have to blow it up to see all the interesting parts!!!!!!! THANKS PAMELA!!!!!!!! :)

  3. Ooooooohhh!!!! I LOVE this!!! Thank you!

  4. Thank you for sharing! I scooped your post on to
    Free Digital Scraps

  5. excellent timing. I have a card that says hello in 12 different languages that im making . the globe would be a perfect background . thanks again for such a great image and even better great timing

  6. OMG! I found you via My shabby chateau and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS IMAGE! Thankyou so .............much for sharing this. I will be visiting often.

  7. Very cool piece! Just makes me itch to sit down and add some color. Think I might print it out BIG and make a wall hanging. Thank you!!


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-pamela :)

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