Friday, November 29, 2013

Free Digital Stamp - Leaping Deer Silhouette

Free Vintage Digital Stamp Printable
Leaping Deer Silhouette image
A deer with a red nose and one without one...
....{Right-click on JPG image to download/save}...

Perfect for printing on a vintage dictionary page 
and put into a frame for nice wall art...

Very nice for tags or Christmas cards too!!!

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  1. VERY NICE PAMELA!!!!!!:) CUTE with the little red nose! ;) AND "HAPPY BELATED THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!" HOPE your day was FILLED with LOVE & GOOD FOOD!!!!!!:) THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!:)

  2. Thanks for the fun silhouette, Pamela!

  3. Thank you Pamela. This would look good as a night time scene with the moon as the background. Edwina Brown

  4. Thank you for the deer silhouettes. Have a Merry Christmas.

  5. Thank you Pamela, for the wonderful deer silhouettes. I love silhouettes as they are so delightful to make cards with and decorate.

  6. Thank you Pamela.
    Have a nice week, Anja


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-pamela :)

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