Saturday, November 24, 2012

Vintage Printable - Retro Coffee Image

Vintage Printable 

Retro coffee image...
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I ♥ coffee!!!

Do you prefer coffee or tea?

I like it iced or hot...
with lots of milk and creamer!!!

Sometimes you hear that
 it's good for you,
then other times it's bad for you...

I guess it's all about moderation.

Sometimes, coffee reminds me of the
 coffee/greasy hash-brown combo smell
during breakfast hours at the drive-thru window at
McDonald's...ya know, when they open
the window to hand you your order and
that breakfast smell seeps into your car!
That's a good smell...

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  1. Coffee for me....if you like cream &sugar have you tried Coffemate's Italian sweet cream flavor? Yummy...yummy!..I love that smell coming out of Micky d's..i was never brave enough to say it out loud though! LOL! aren't we silly? :)

  2. My taste buds change & I like them both at different times! With coffee, I like cream & sugar for sure! Hot OR cold! With tea, I like it with just a little sweetner! Hot or cold! When cold maybe add some lemon! But, with hot Tea, there's that "ritual" thing that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!!!!! :) And it makes one feel special to pull out a china cup etc., even if you do it just for yourself!
    THANKS for the WONDERFUL Retro Image Pamela! :) P.S. I've ALWAYS felt there's NOTHING LIKE the smell of coffee!!!!!! (or popcorn) I DO think though, they smell better than they taste!!!! :)

  3. LOVE this image!!! Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it!), I don't like coffee OR OR cold! I definitely wish I liked iced would sure be easier a lot of times!

  4. I am a loyal tea drinker, but will socially drink hot coffee, if that's all they have.

    I LOVE hot & iced tea - fab fav is Lady Grey, Earl's wife of sorts...

    TY for sharing goodies with us!

    D :)

  5. I love a big steamy mug of coffee any way you serve it, except instant. Sugar, creamer or black, I love my java! Thanks for the great image.

  6. Love the image! Wish I had that cup. It is pretty. I drink hot tea. It goes well with Hashbrowns and eggs. Thanks for sharing. Edwina Brown

  7. Great vintage image, Pamela! Love the vibrant colors and the coffee theme. I'm a coffee addict! Black and strong. I only like tea iced... being from the South, that is the only way we drink tea. LOL!

  8. This image is perfect for me - it's my family!
    Hugs from Brazil!


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