Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Artist Trading Card Swap

We LOVE Artist Trading Cards! ♥

The Paper Collage hosts a monthly
ATC Swap with two different themes every month. 
Participate in one or both themes.

The swaps are DUE on the third Friday 
of each month...they are swapped out and
ready for pick-up
or mailed back the following Friday...

The two themes for August were:
or the color combination

There were so many beautiful creations
that were turned in!

It's fun to see the interpretation by each
participant based on the themes...

Thank-you to 
EVERYONE who participated! 

The cards have been swapped and 
have been put back in the mail
last Friday!

Parcels should be arriving to your
mailbox any day now...

Here are the swaps that were turned in for
the August Swap:

 I love the mustache paper wrapped with this one.

 At first, I thought someone 
sent me a snack! LOL!

 This one came from Barbara in Poland...
Love the envelope!

All of them were so beautiful!

When they are spread out on the table for swapping,
shoppers are always admiring how creative and
stunning they all are!

If you are interested in participating, 
there is MORE detailed info HERE

You turn in six ATCs and get five back
{The 6th one is displayed in the store for inspiration}

Your six cards can be the same or
make six different ones with the same theme.

The two themes for September are:
Fairies and Vintage School

DUE by Friday, Sept. 19th, 2014
Swapped and mailed back on Friday, Sept. 26th.

No need to sign-up...
Just create your cards and mail them in!

Mail your swaps to:

The Paper Collage
13925 W. Meeker Blvd, Suite 16
Sun City West, AZ 85375

It's so fun to participate!
Looking forward to seeing your swaps! ♥


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Free Digital Scrapbook Paper - Halloween Frames

Free Digital Scrapbook Paper

Right-click on JPG image to download/save.

Print from your printer!
Orange background

Sized to 6" x 6"
No special paper needed!
No special printer needed!

Print as many as you need for your crafty projects!
Light orange background

You can use the background for digital scrapbooking.
Use the paper for your blogs, Etsy banner, or business cards too!

Purple background

Green background


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Many thanks for stopping by!


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Free Digital Scrapbook Paper - Halloween

Free Digital Scrapbook paper

Something I was working on...
Here is my before and after:
What do you think? I like how it turned out... :)

Now on to the freebie digital papers.
I just LOVE black & orange striped paper for a background...

Right click on jpg images to save/download.
Print from your printer!

These are sized to 6" x 6" in size.
No special printer or paper needed!

Pin to Pinterest too!

Use for your projects...

Many thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Selling Stuff...

Often, shoppers and acquaintances I run into 
mention that they recently saw my booth at
the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall on Cactus/I-17...

I tell them that I left there over a YEAR ago...
I left there in the Summer 2013.

I own a brick & mortar retail store now. :)
I love meeting and chatting with shoppers in person!!!
I didn't get to meet shoppers when I had a booth.

I am truly grateful that I had to opportunity to 
sell out of a little antique mall booth.

The waiting list is a long one to get a booth at
this particular antique mall...and I made a lot
of friends with other dealers.

Here is my very first booth {Booth 96} back in 2011.
It was so cute and charming!
 It was 8' x 8' in size and was such a perfect little
spot to sell my vintage treasures and paper goods from...

 Here is what it looked like when I added all the stuff
for the very first time. 
Of course, it would change over time
as I added more things.

It's FUN to have a booth at an antique mall. 
Keep it tidy, have reasonable prices, and well-stocked with merchandise...
Shoppers will come! LOL!

It's so fun when you start having sales!

I never really got to interact with shoppers and never knew
who was shopping in my booth, unless I was there stocking it.

I was always wondering who was shopping in my booth.

The antique mall employees ring up the sales and would
tell me the feedback from shoppers who were buying from my booth!
I had a lot of return shoppers! ♥

 Within a few months, I added more and more stuff!

 I started to outgrow my little booth and moved into a
larger one within a year...

This is my first double-sized booth...and it needed
a makeover to better reflect my style and stand out.

 I LOVE the colors pink and aqua!
So, I painted my booth these colors 
so it would stand apart from other booths...

 I called my booth, "Phoenix Scrapbook Store"...

Over time, there were a few dealers who told me that they LOVED
my booth and were inspired to get one too!

Soon, there were other booths that were offering
the SAME type of stuff I was selling...

OK, I look at this as synergy.
More selection for shoppers who were
in search of vintage scrapbook and paper arts stuff
at ONE location...

Other dealers started asking me if I got another booth.
These other booths looked too similar to mine...

The merchandise was getting mixed up when the
employees would ring stuff up...what a mess! :(

I loved my booths. I had two of them at two different locations
and I had a retail store too!!! I was spreading myself too thin...

 I had a showroom at the OTHER Brass Armadillo Antique Mall location.
I had to give up this one too over a year ago {Summer 2013}...

It was time to move on...
I needed a place to move my stuff and continue selling online.
I found a sweet little place over Christmas vacation 2012, 
right across the street from the Post Office!!! Woo-hoo!

A friend of mine suggested that I have a little area for retail.

Since I had the merchandise, 
I sectioned off half of the space for retail. 

Would shoppers come visit my store?

They came to visit my store and they TOLD friends too!

Fast forward to current and here is what it looks like:

Lots and lots of scrapbook paper and other card making treasures!

 Sweet treats for shoppers...LOL! ♥

I'm truly grateful for ALL of the shoppers who stop by!

I meet and chat with shoppers and we
have so much FUN in classes too!

I have made so many NEW friends in my store!

It's called, "The Paper Collage"...I hope
 you come visit my store if you are ever in the Phoenix, AZ area.

13925 W. Meeker Blvd, Suite 16
Sun City West, AZ 85375

See you soon!!!


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