Wednesday, December 21, 2011

FREE Vintage Images - Retro Men

Hey there, Daddy-o!

There might be a time
or two
when you need a few
vintage images
of some retro fellas...

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I like this guy wearing a hat.
I use this image a lot when I make
package tags.

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Or how about this guy looking at his watch,
looks like he is pretty popular with the ladies...


These younger Cool Cats
waving from their convertible...

"See ya later, alligator!"

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FREE Vintage Images
Vintage Digital Stamps


a bonus history tidbit too!


  1. Love these, thank you for them! Those cool cats are having a great time. :)

  2. These are great images! Reminds me that the new season of Mad Men should be coming back on soon!
    Thank you for these. :D

  3. Oh, how fun are these guys????!! Those cool cats look like my 3 brother-in-laws : )

  4. Thanks for the pixs of these super cool dudes!


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-pamela :)

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