Friday, February 24, 2012

Free Vintage Image Download - Easter Postcard

Free Vintage Image Download

French Easter Postcard

300 dpi - jpg printable

{Click on image to download/save...}

This one is so cute!

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  1. Is it ever adorable!!!! Eeeeeek! Love it.. I am a big fan of all your digitals, they are so lovely..I am a vintage fan

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  2. SWEET Easter Image!!!!!! Makes me think of my children when they were little! :) All dressed up for Easter! :)THANKS PAMELA!!!!!!! :)

  3. What lovely children. I'm guessing this to be around 1920s. Am I right?

  4. Long time since I was here... But I used 2 of your pictures, check it out :)
    Best regards and happy Easter, Pamela :)


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