Monday, March 5, 2012

Free Vintage Digital Stamp - Henry VIII

Free Digital Stamp

You never know when
you might need a
historical figure
for one of your crafty projects!

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King Henry VIII,
King of England
Husband of six wives...
Father of Queen Elizabeth I

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The above image has a transparent background.

Wonderful for Digital Art!

This illustration is amazing!
I feel like he's staring back at me!
Were you thinking that too?


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  1. It really is fantastic! I'm sure I'll find a need for it one day! Thanks, Pamela! :o)

    1. Nancy - Reminds me of the Herman's Hermits song...xo

      -pamela :)

  2. Yeah, he looks like he's givin' us the stink-eye!! I'm sure he's just lookin' "kingly" ; )

  3. thats amazing! king-stalker? :p
    thaaaaaaaanks ♥

  4. Ha! I gotta tell you, I have seen several documentaries about this guy, and he was so gross and didn't carry himself like a gentleman. He didn't like to bathe much, and yes, had several wives, even had two killed. The guy was a menace. I think the look he is giving in this pic has more to do with his state as a person. It is a good black and white of him though.

    1. Rea - you're right! I think I remember hearing the same thing about him too! xo

      -pamela :)

  5. Well, first I thought of the song. And then I thought, I don't know how he got to fat with such a tiny mouth!! Lol!! Thanks for this image!


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-pamela :)

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