Sunday, November 4, 2012

Vintage Printable - Retro Man

Free Vintage Printable 

Retro Guy circa 1950's.
{Click on png image to download/save...}
The above image has a transparent background.

Perfect for Digital Art.

Today is daylight savings time in most places,
except Hawaii, Arizona, & Puerto Rico 
and some of the U.S. Virgin islands.
{I'm in Arizona...}

How do you feel about DST?

Happy Sunday!!! ;)



  1. He's so fun, I can just image the sentiments I could match him with! Thanks so much.

  2. Love the Retro guy, have to laugh at it because it was in 1952 that my DH & I got married. Doesn't seem so long to me, although it's been a little over sixty years!!!

  3. I don't mind DST IF I get to gain an hour of sleep! :) Other than that, I don't like it when my sleep time is disrupted! LOL I NEED all the "beauty rest" I can get! :)
    LOVE this retro man!!!!!! THANKS PAMELA!!!!!!!!AND THANKS for coming to visit!!!:)

  4. I don't like daylight savings time!!! I do however like the retro guy. thanks for him.


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