Friday, November 30, 2012

Vintage Printable - Whimsy Map of Italia

FREE Vintage Printable

Another whimsy old map:
This one is Italy {Italia}...
{Right-click on jpg image to download/save...}

So many creative possibilities!!!

Have a FABULOUS weekend!!!

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  1. These maps are SOMETHING!!!!!!! Were they in a book all together???? THANKS PAMELA!!!!!!!

    I'm GLAD your water wasn't out too long! We've had our electricity go out for a SUPER LONG time before! (Everythings electicity generated here!) AND the kids have FITS! So, I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND what you went through! We NEED our "conveniences" these days! Not everyone has a well, a garden, or a horse & buggy these days! :)

  2. Magnificent! I'm 3/4 Greek, 1/8 Irish and 1/8 Scots, so I can't wait to see if you have one of any of those countries. It looks like the same artist did them all. What a wonderful imagination! Thank you, again!!!!


Thank-you for your comments! I am so flattered that you stopped by! xo

-pamela :)

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