Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Free Vintage Printable - Hair Tonic Ad

Vintage Printable

Hair Tonic Ad
"Preserves and Promotes Hair Growth..."
You never know when you might need
an image of a Victorian lady with lots of hair...

Great for collage or artist trading card projects!

Many thanks for stopping by!!!♥



  1. OH MY!!!!!! I don't think I'd want THAT MUCH hair! AND just think if your hair were ALREADY like this!!!!!!!!! LOL A beautician would LOOOOOOOOOVE this image.....:)THANKS PAMELA!!!!!!!! :)

    1. LOL Becky!!! I think I would rather have silky smooth "Pantene Hair"...♥


  2. Love it! It actually reminds me of my daughter's hair a few year ago...but don't tell anyone! lol Thanks very much, Pamela! :o)


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