Monday, May 13, 2013

Free Digital Stamp - Girl Looking at a Bird Nest

Free Digital Stamp

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A gal looking at a bird nest...

Reminds me when I was a youngster, 
I used to climb into trees hunting for 
bird nests and bird eggs...

When I found eggs, I put them under an aquarium tank light,
in hopes of hatching bird eggs...never happened!

One time, I found a baby crow and picked it up..
Bad idea! I don't recommend doing that!
Within minutes, it was like a scene from
Hitchcock's "The Birds" and crows were
swarming the sky and attacking me...

I put the baby crow down and ran 
like the Gingerbread Man!!! Whew!

Hope you enjoyed tales from my childhood...
Did you do crazy things like that too?


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  1. Super cute image thank you. Haha, I had to laugh at your tale, but gosh that must have scary :0)

  2. Thank you. Hugs~Patti

  3. Love this image. Thank you. You egg thief. Ha! That is interesting about the crows, I'm sure it was scary too. I love Hitchcock's movie the Birds, really love all his movies. Hugs

  4. SUPER SWEET IMAGE PAMELA!!!!!! :) Trying to remember some childhood memories... (LOVED hearing about your childhood!) I remember playing at a friends house, it was a sleep-over & we were goofing off & climbing on the picnic table & acting like we were in a play... you could hear the frogs down at the pond,it was getting dark, and then the bats started SWOOPING over our heads! We ran for the house! We'd stayed out too late! :)

  5. Thanks for this..a beautifully drawn image and so evocative of the curiosity about the natural world that we all have as it!


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