Sunday, June 30, 2013

Free Vintage Digital Stamp - Royal Typewriter

Free Vintage Digital Stamp

Royal Typewriter
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Vintage typewriters are always 
highly sought after...

 Whenever I am working my shift at the antique mall, I find it
amusing to watch younger generations {children!}
 look at an old typewriter with such interesting fascination.

Most of the time, they start pounding away on all of the keys,
which end up getting stuck together in a cluster...

I have found some nice typewriters with a fabulous case.
Of course, I'm only interested in keeping
the case, because I have
a fondness for old things that could
potentially store other old things in...

My friend Dawn refers to some typewriters that are so 
HEAVY as "boat anchors"...

On a side note about the weather...
Today it's currently 117 degrees in the Phoenix area.
I think it might reach 118, maybe 120 in some parts.
They say it's a dry heat...which is kinda like 
having a hot hair dryer blowing on you!

Stay cool!

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  1. Such a nice nostalgic image. Thank you!

  2. BEAUTIFUL IMAGE PAMELA!!!!! I think these old typewriters WOULD make GOOD BOAT ANCHORS TOO!!!!!!LOL I have one that isn't quit this old & it's HEAVY TOO!!!!!!!:/ BUT, I COULDN'T give it up!:)

    STAY COOL OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)AND drink LOTS OF ICED TEA!!!!!!:)

  3. I have been to AZ 4 times. It is HOT there. I think the hottest I dealt with was 116 degrees. That is too hot. Take care and stay out of that sun. Edwina Brown

  4. Thanks for the nostalgic image.
    I live in the Netherlands and have no idea, how 118 degrees feels like. I think it feels like a toaster oven on steroids :o(
    Keep cool!

    byebye Yvonne


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-pamela :)

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