Monday, June 22, 2015

ARIZONA Scrapbook and Stamps

If you live in or are visiting Arizona... 

Check out our Arizona-themed scrapbook supplies.
12x12 scrapbook paper, stickers, die-cuts, stamps, etc.

 Greetings from Arizona is our exclusive
Arizona themed stamp set.
Available ONLY at The Paper Collage!!!
{Available to order online too!}

 Warm Winter Greetings Stamp set
features a melting snowman 
and various cactus stamps...

Create a cute card!

Southwest themed wafer-thin dies
by Spellbinders. Cactus and howling coyote dies...

Visit The Paper Collage
PH: {623} 398-8300

June 30-Sept. 1st
Wednesday & Friday: 10am-3pm
Saturday: 11am-3pm

CLOSED Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday

See you soon!!!



  1. I've missed your posts Pamela! I'm GUESSING your new shop is keeping you SUPER BUSY???? That would be a good thing! ;) HOPE ALL is well with you!!!! BLESSINGS DEAR LADY!!!!


Thank-you for your comments! I am so flattered that you stopped by! xo

-pamela :)

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