Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Scrapbook Store in Phoenix Arizona - The Paper Collage

Did you know that I own a scrapbook store?

It's called  The Paper Collage...

The Paper Collage is located in the Phoenix, Arizona

There aren't very many small retail 
paper craft stores around anymore...

I follow many of them on Facebook, because 
I like to visit local stores when I travel to other areas.

Isn't it FUN to visit another paper craft shop out of town? LOL!
I always buy something, it's like buying a souvenir...
plus, I like to support other small businesses too.

Sadly, many of them have been 
closing for a variety of reasons...

Some store owners close because they are retiring...

Some have closed because there are a lot more options
to shop online or shop at scrapbook & stamp shows...
{Image source: Pinterest}

Paper crafting and paper arts still seem like it is
still very popular, but do you think that
consumers aren't buying as much? 
People always comment that they have so much stuff...

I still like to buy NEW things to create with...

Do you have any little paper craft stores 
near where you live?

Take a tour of The Paper Collage...

Wonderful things for paper crafting, paper arts,
 mixed media and card making supplies...

We can ship stamps to you!

We have Memory Box craft dies and more!

Graphic 45 paper too!

These stickers are a nice adornment 
for handmade cards...

Glitter paste and stencil FUN!!!

 Lots of paper crafting and card making supplies...

Copic Instructor Jennifer Dove...

If you are ever in the Phoenix, AZ area
 stop by and say "hello!"

The Paper Collage



  1. There are so few LSS around anymore and it has been sad to watch! I worked in and taught classes at a shop in Pittsburgh that went out of business. I live in Delaware now and there is nothing!! but Michael's. I have pinned your shop to my bucket list travel board. We may be visiting in the Phoenix area next winter and I will certainly come and shop....don't go anywhere! Joyce

  2. Great Post my Friend... Small Businesses are the backbone of America and I too feel it is very important to support them... your Shop is of coarse one of my all time favs and I'm totally biased about that! *winks* Hugs... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Your shop looks AMAZING! So many gorgeous crafty goodies. I would hop on a plane and come from England right now if I could. I go in every craft shop I can find no matter how small (your shop actually looks quite big compared with shops here) and always buy something even though my craft room is filled to the rafters :D. Sending you my best wishes for a successful store, Debra x


Thank-you for your comments! I am so flattered that you stopped by! xo

-pamela :)

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