Wednesday, December 28, 2011

FREE Vintage Images - Geisha


"Hello" in Japanese...

Did you know that "Geisha"
are traditional Japanese female performing artists,
which includes dancing and playing instruments?

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Geisha are single
and must retire if they choose to marry.
Therefore, one can never be married
to a Geisha...

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Geisha can start the five-year training
as young as 15 yrs old...

These young apprentices
are called, "Maiko"...
or "dancing girl".

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The very first Geisha were men,
circa 18th century...

Eventually, Geisha
became a female occupation...

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During training, girls wear different kimonos,
wigs, and white face make-up
based on their stage of training.

There is a great difference
between make-up worn by
a Maiko and by a graduated Geisha.

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Geisha are not submissive.
In fact, many Geisha are very successful
businesswomen in Japan!



I hope you enjoyed this brief history tidbit
accompanied with these lovely vintage images...

I like the first image - it's my fave! :)


  1. I REALLY enjoy the history lessons that you share, Pamela! Thank you so much for everything! I have a friend you loves all things Asian. I also have some lovely papers that will go beautifully with this collection of images. I'll have to put something together for her! Thanks again, my friend! How about tomorrow you post a few days of free crafting time! lol :o)

  2. I had no idea...thanks for another history lesson! Yep, the 1st image is my fav too!!

  3. I did not know alot of these interesting facts about Geisha's! Thank You for the lesson and for the beautiful images!

  4. Pamela, these are beautiful and I LOVED the history lesson.
    Thank you! :)


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