Sunday, January 15, 2012

Free Vintage Printables - 1940's Catalog Pages

Don't you just love
these Vintage 1940's
Fashion Catalog pages?

{300 dpi - high resolution}

Click to download/save images...

This first one is French:

This one is Simplicity
circa 1944:

I like the hairstyles and fashion of this era...

Maybe next time I get a haircut,
I should bring this picture
so the stylist cuts and styles
my hair like these ladies:


Thanks again!

I hope you are enjoying
these fabulous images!


  1. These are fabulous! Thanks Pamela! Hope you have a happy day! Hugs, Shannah xox

  2. Thank you so much for these! I love these styles. I think that I was born in the wrong time.

  3. The 1940s is my favorite era for fashion. Everyone was so stylish and, if you think about it, women's clothing during that time was flattering to all figure types. Look at those jackets with the bottoms flaring out from cinched waists. I love the hats - men's and women's. Do you think hats will ever come back into style?
    Thanks for these, Pamela.

  4. Maravillosas imagenes, muchas gracias.

  5. Thank you for sharing I have always loved the styles from this time....

  6. my mum is 90 this year and she'll love these images so thank you from us for sharing.......


Thank-you for your comments! I am so flattered that you stopped by! xo

-pamela :)

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