Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Free Vintage Image - 19th Century Collage

Free Vintage Image Download
 19th Century Fashion 

Do you think these styles will ever 
come back into fashion? 

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Collage version

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Original version
300 dpi printable!

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The above image has a transparent background.

Wonderful for Digital Art!!!
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  1. If they did, you'd have to do something about all those petticoats AND all that ironing!!We'd have to give up some computer time I think!!

  2. Thanks for these..I use vintage images for my hat tags..people with hats, of course..these are perfect..

  3. The men look pretty hot. I'd like to see my husband wearing a suit like that. But I don't hope corsets come back in for women. Those things were torture devices.
    Thanks for another awesome image, Pamela.

  4. Gorgeous, Pamela! I like the color variations too! Well...I'd love for my waist to be that tiny but I wouldn't want the torture that comes with it! ;o)

  5. LOVE your page. Looking forward to browsing with more time. So inspired to create. Back in a few.
    Much love,

  6. Wouldn't THAT be something if they DID come back???? No one EVER really dresses up anymore! AND if YOU DO, you get all sorts of looks!!!!!! I don't know about you, but I've ALWAYS enjoyed dress up!!!!!!!! :) Thanks Pamela! These images are GORGEOUS!!!!!!! :)

  7. I sure hope they don't come back...they're gorgeous to look at & fun to scrap with, but I wouldn't wanna have to wear those things!! Thanks for all the versions you give us...it helps a lot!

  8. wow thank you very much, its totally perfect. x

  9. Great image! Thank you! I sure hope this style doesn't come back. My, can you imagine how much it would cost! Well, if an ironing maid came with it, I guess it might be okay.

  10. Love these! They are gorgeous! Thank you! Edwina Brown. I need your e-mail to send a photo of a card I made with one of your images. I will post the card at the end of the month. It is for my friend and I don't ant her to see it on the blog before her birthday. Thanks, Edwina Brown edwina.brown@live.com

  11. Oh my word I hope not!!! Better to look at them than to actually wear them!!! Think of the work involved in just getting dressed???

  12. These are really lovely Pamela... x

  13. LOL! I hope not - the idea of a corset doesn't really appeal to me! Thanks for these great images Pamela! Hugs, Shannah xox


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