Friday, December 21, 2012


Yesterday, after visiting SWEET SALVAGE...
we stopped at MELROSE VINTAGE, which 
is another fabulous place to visit
along 7th Avenue in Phoenix, AZ...
Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic products...
Part of the store has other
 vintage shabby-type decor
with a scrapbook store in the other
half of the store...♥

I just LOVE these giant paper rosettes!

by a mother & daughter team...
Here is the daughter, Wendy...
I went to grade school with Wendy!
Small world, huh?

Wendy is so sweet & adorable!

Someday, I'm going to bring my
lunch and sit at this table...LOL!

Glitter LOVE ♥!!!

My friend Dawn found a vintage
spool of velvet...a must have
 for her collection!

Love this display!

Scrapbook paper heaven!

Another pretty display!

Wendy's mom made this - so talented!

Wendy's mom made this too...
I hope she offers classes soon!

Pretty and shabby! ♥

It's that table I LOVE 
and want to sit at someday 
with my bagged lunch...
Maybe Wendy won't mind?

Lots of fabulous stuff for mixed media
or altered art projects...

Fab display!
Love the scattered books!

Don't you just LOVE this classroom space?

A close-up of the chandelier...♥

Of course, you never know when you
might run into Tim Holtz when you
are in a random scrapbook 
store looking at
 Tim Holtz products...LOL!

Thanks for stopping by!!!
Have a nice weekend!



  1. You lucky lucky gal...what a wonderful place to get lost in. Of course living in an area the size of Phoenix helps, I'm sure you've got lots of sweet places to go. Not so much here...I guess the trade off is living in the great North West...sans shops like Sweet Salvage and Melrose Vintage. Happy Holidays.

  2. OH MY!!!!!!!!!! MORE SUPER SHOPPING???? No place like those around here either! :( SOOOO, YOU keep going places & posting pictures, O.K.???? I THINK you & Tim Holtz should be SUPER FRIENDS by now!!!!!!!! :) WHAT A FUN DAY!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    1. LOL! Becky! It was fun and I bought a few sheets of paper during our day out... ;)

      Next month, I'll be posting photos of the CHA Show and Sweet Salvage...

  3. Wow! This shop looks awesome. I'll bring my lunch too and some hot tea. Well share lunch together. Ha!

  4. Love the pretty display and table, great for a shabby tea party!! I want my craft room to look like that haha!! And what a lucky day you ran into Tim Holtz twice in a day LOL!!! Thanks for posting and sharing pretty photos, there's none such event here in Hawaii.


    1. We ran into Tim three times...but, I didn't bother him at the third place, he might had thought I was stalking him, even though we came into the store BEFORE he did...LOL!

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  6. That shop is soooo Coool. Getting to chat with Tim was an added bonus to an awesome day! Merry Christmas and Creative Blessings for 2013.

  7. Delightful Serendipity... what are the odds?!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

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