Saturday, December 22, 2012

RUST and ROSES Vintage Store...Phoenix

Part 3 of 3 for
Girl's Day Out...

After Sweet Salvage & Melrose Vintage,
Dawn & I went to "Rust & Roses"...
...It's just as pretty in here too!

More pretty vintage treasures...

...This would look great in my garden!

♥ Rust & Roses in Phoenix, AZ...

 Love the old dress form mannequin!

Dawn found a fabulous old velvet throw...
{I had her pose with the FEZ hat on...LOL!}


I like this journal cover!

Vintage glitter ballerinas!

Old dolls...
 Is that Tim Holtz in the
background checking 
out merchandise??

{I swear to you that we were 
in Rust & Roses before he 
stopped by, in case you thought
 I was some kind of weirdo stalker...LOL!}

Proprietress Theresa of an
adorable vintage shop called,
"J. Sparrow"

She is so adorable and super nice!

Having lunch at the Spaghetti Factory...
and posing for a 
photo in the restaurant lobby!

Love the vintage decor at the
Spaghetti's like the
Haunted Mansion! LOL!

I will be posting a preview 
of the ATC cards that have arrived...
Stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by!!! ;)



  1. Wow! This looks like such fun and what amazing stuff!

  2. I have been enjoying checking your Adventures from, you've got some pretty impressive shops around. Most certainly drool worthy....loving your photos...TFS:):):):)

  3. Phoenix has some COOL shops! And how funny that you saw Tim here, too. (Maybe he's stalking YOU...LOL!!)

    Have a Merry Christmas, Pamela!

  4. I thought what Paper Squirrel thought! MAYBE Tim is stalking YOU! LOL!!!!!!! It's SOOOO FUNNY!!!!!!!! :) YOU FIND THE MOST FUN PLACES TO SHOP!!!!!!! :) THANKS FOR SHARING!!!!!! :)

  5. WOW!! Another awesome vintage place!! And i agree with others here, it seems that Mr.Holtz stalking you ahahahha!!!!

  6. Yeah, Tim was following us everywhere! I think he might have known we knew the Coolest Places to 'Score' Great Stuff?!? *LOL* We had so much Fun... I shouldda bought that Fez and wore it all day... and the Throw looks like a part of my Ensemble, Arabic Poncho Style! *Winks* We must do this again sometime soon...

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  7. Seriously... I MUST get a Camera like yours... the Clarity of the Images is Awesome!

    Dawn... The Bohemian


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