Monday, September 23, 2013

Mary Anne's Toy Show Fest 2013

On Saturday, I went to Mary Anne's Toy Fest.
It's an annual toy show at
 the North Phoenix Baptist Church
5757 N. Central Avenue in Phoenix, AZ...
Woo-hoo! Toys are so fun!
Just $3 admission...

You never know what you might find...
but, it's so fun to look!

About 90% of the attendees are grown men!
Not many women and children...
I think I saw maybe like 5 kiddos.

Tons of collectible cars!
This is probably why the show's attendees are mostly men...

Here are the promoters of the show ~ Jim & Mary Anne.
The sweetest folks!

Years ago, I was a vendor when Jim rolled out the first show.
He remembers me as "Fisher-Price", because I was selling
vintage Fisher-Price toys...LOL!

These guys are mesmerized by all of the Hot Wheels!


Growing up in AZ, we had a local kid's show called,
"The Wallace & Ladmo Show" that ran from 1954 - 1989.
Cartoons, Ladmo Bags, skits, it was the best!
It's all about the nostalgia...♥

Wallace & Ladmo were heavily influenced by Laurel & Hardy
and other vaudeville-types in general.
It was so cool to win a Ladmo Bag when you were a kid!

Comic books...

Action figures and dolls...

This guy has a Ladmo shirt! I'm jealous!

I don't know what's going on with this
life-size Spider Man...
I bet it would be fun to drive
around with him in the passenger seat...
Imagine the looks from other drivers! LOL!

Super heros and more...

Michael Jackson 80's!

So dreamy!
 I wanted to grow up and marry Harrison Ford
after I saw the first "Star Wars" movie...♥


Star Trek action figures from the 60's...

Vintage Tammy dolls from the 1960's...

Vintage Midge & Bubblecut Barbie...

Vintage pink elephant...♥

Remember this Little Tykes dollhouse?

Bargain dolls waiting to go home with a new owner...

Vendors David & Nick...super friendly!
I thought Nick's long beard was pretty interesting
and worthy of a photo to share...LOL!

Die-cast cars...

Don't forget to look under the table...that's where
the .50 cent and $1 dollar bins of toys are.


Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls...

Die cast cars and trucks...

Vintage toy cars...

Lots of toys...

Creepy dino-alien toy...

The mother lode!!!
I couldn't afford the whole container, 
so I just bought a few pieces...
I should had bought more!


I remember this anatomically correct doll from the 70's...

Jack Sparrow tries to escape from a box...

More collectible cars...

Care Bears from the 80's...

I hope you enjoyed these photos...kinda like you
were there with me. I had my 7-year old child
with me who was on a quest for LPS {Littlest Pet Shop}
which we missed in the bargain bins by minutes...darn!

Thanks for stopping by!!! ♥



  1. Oh my DH would have been in heaven! He loves toys and we own so many (much to my dusting chagrin). I too love old Fisher Price stuff. The new stuff is just too odd. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Rene! Glad you enjoyed the Toy Show post... :)


  2. Oh my gosh, I WISH I could have been there! And it's timely, this post, as I just recently was given a box of old dolls from my father. He had at some point gathered them all up into a box, and kept them in the cellar, and then finally gave them to me. Lucky there's no fighting over them with my sister, who is not really the sentimental, collector type like I am! I saw two or three that were familiar, but I couldn't place a name to them; and HERE you have them pictured (18th picture down).. TAMMY!! Yes, NOW I remember! I'm afraid I don't have their original outfits, but I'll hopefully get around to making them something to wear soon... Anyway, this looks like so much fun! Good to hear you and your daughter enjoyed it! ~tina

    1. Thanks Tina! That's fantastic that the posted photo helped you ID the vintage Ideal Tammy dolls you inherited. ;)


  3. LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE seeing all the toys Pamela!!!!!! :) WHAT FUN!!!!!!!! TOO BAD kids today don't enjoy these like we used to! :) That "Barbie" was with "SKIPPER!!!" Her little sister!:) Although, "Barbie" LOOKS EXACTLY like my Midge doll, only Midge had dark brown hair!!!!!:)THANKS for sharing with us!!!!!!:)

    1. Hi Becky - Glad you enjoyed the Toy Show post!

      You're right, that Midge looks like Skipper in that photo, but it was a Titian hair Midge leaning up against Bubblecut Barbie at an angle that makes her look shorter than she really was ~ both wearing "Drum Majorette" outfits {minus the big fur hat}. A fun show!

      Hopefully, I can attend the Doll Show in I need anymore vintage Barbies! LOL! ♥



Thank-you for your comments! I am so flattered that you stopped by! xo

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