Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Vintage Printable - Lewiston Postcard

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Love these old postcards...
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Lewiston, NY
I'm back from my vacation!!!
It was certainly quite cold, esp in
Newport, Rhode Island.
It was 46 degrees with a slight chilly wind!!!

Here are a few photos of the famous
Newport mansions, which were AMAZING!!!
When you walk in, you can't believe 
the opulent beauty and ornate details,
these mansions are almost
 like European palaces, not
Victorian summer cottages...

This is the largest one called, 
"The Breakers" owned by the
super rich Vanderbilt family, c.1890's...
{70 rooms and over 60,000 sq ft}
You only get to view a small fraction of the mansion.
It's like five stories high and has like 20 bathrooms!

They don't allow interior photos. 
With security cameras and staff in
almost every room, it made the
temptation to secretly 
snap a photo diminish...bummer!

This one is called, "The Elms" 
and it was just as amazing inside too!!!

Fountain on the Elms property...
There were five mansions open, I was
only able to view 4 of the 5 properties.

View of "The Elms" in the backyard.

If you ever get the opportunity to visit
the Newport mansions in Rhode Island, put
it on your bucket list of places to see for certain.

Here is an excellent video
 on You Tube from A&E
in three 15-minute parts about the
Newport Mansions {"America's Castles"}
which features more info and views of
the beautiful interiors:


Tomorrow, I'll share some photos of
Tinsel Trading Company in NYC
I know you'll enjoy...

Thanks for stopping by!!! ;)



  1. Thanks for the postcard, Pamela! So fun to see photos from your trip! Yup, you could have been in my yard taking a picture...that house looks just like mine!! ;o)

  2. BEAUTIFUL PICTURES AND VIDEO !!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!! I LOVE seeing all the Pretty things! What goes through my mind is, can you IMAGINE the staff they needed to keep it clean???? OUCH!!!!!! :) Thanks for the pretty VINTAGE PHOTO! :) GLAD you made it home safely & had SUCH A GOOD TIME!!!!! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us!! DH & I are thinking about doing a North East road trip next year & I think I just found some stuff to add to our list of things to do!! I hate that they won't let you take pics inside though...that's so annoying!

  4. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.... I viewed the mansions in the early 80's. I remember the children's "playhouse" on the Vanderbilt property was so large that it housed the gift shop!!


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-pamela :)

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