Thursday, December 27, 2012

Free Digital Stamp - Art Nouveau Muse

Free Vintage Digital Stamp

Perfect for coloring...
{Right-click on jpg image to download/save...}

Great for artsy projects!

Speaking of artsy...

Just waiting
on a few ATC packages,
I'll be checking the PO BOX 
to see if they arrived...

Then I'll post a preview...

I'm glad you stopped by!!! ;)



  1. This is a beautiful image. I like her a lot. Thank you. Edwina Brown

  2. HOW BEAUTIFUL! Makes me think of Rapunzel!:) SUCH A LOVELY IMAGE!!!!!!!!!!! :) THANKS PAMELA!!!!!! (Can't wait to see your ATC's!) :)

  3. Love, love your vintage images, they are all so beautiful, thank you.



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