Thursday, May 23, 2013

Free Vintage Printable - 1740 Europe Map

Free Vintage Printable - Old Map

Europe 1740
Maps are interesting, esp if you like history.
Looking at this map, I never realized that
many areas were "kingdoms"...

"The Kingdom of The Two Sicilies"
Sounds like a 3-hour epic movie...huh?
When I hear Sicily, it reminds me of Sicilian pizza...
Or Don Corleone...

Have you ever been to Sicily? 
I've been to Naples, but not Sicily.

A wonderful one to pin to Pinterest!

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  1. ah!ah!ah! Welcome in Italy ! Welcome to Apulia !
    Benvenuti in Italia! Benvenuti in Puglia!

  2. This IS a PRETTY MAP Pamela!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!! :) Not been out of the U.S.A., AND I'm "OK" with that! There are SOOO MANY places HERE to see! :)MAYBE, one day....! :)

  3. We wish we could afford to retire to Sorrento... sigh!

  4. Love the map and someday hope to got Sicily, Rome and all over. Dreams do come true ;) Thank you for sharing with us hugs, Cathy k

  5. I love map images! This one is spectacular :-) The colors are great. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Grazie per le bellissime immagini!!!! Complimenti per il tuo lavoro!!!


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